Published by Long Fox Press, available now as an ebook from Amazon, the debut novella from John Henry Winter.
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"Four Chambers is intelligent, considered and thought provoking. I'd recommend it to anyone".

"What a great read. Words weighted and not a spare sentence in this beautiful book which so cleverly fuses elements of science and language".

"The way so much can be said in such a short time really is a triumph".

"Highly promising debut".

Many things happened today and Amit wondered why....

What if a billion years passes in the blink of an eye? What happens to yesterday when tomorrow dawns? There are possibilities and there are probabilities and you will already know they are not the same thing.

Amit knows. He pays close attention to this sort of thing. But then he's a scientist and it's his job to pay attention. On the cusp of completing his research an unexpected configuration has appeared and refuses to leave. Meanwhile, a sniper is targeting journalists visiting an Afghan village market, a cruise ship is sinking in the Arctic Ocean and a young boy is struggling with his first piano composition. With his orderly schedule thrown into disarray, Amit searches with increasing desperation for the meaning behind the configuration. Is it linked to the events elsewhere? What does the man in the blue suit really want? And why has his wife told Clara?

Four Chambers is a novella. An ambiguous tale of timeless connections and atomic configurations. It is a story of speed and distance; of time, quantum tunnelling and entanglement. Ultimately, Four Chambers is a story of love. Love, energy and the immortality that exists within us all. Because when we stop moving it is just possible we may live forever.