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John Henry Winter was born in Watford in 1978. He is the author of the novella, Four Chambers, a metaphysical tale of quantum mechanics.
Where did the idea for the novella come from?

The idea for the novella came quite suddenly. In a very simple way, as a complete beginner really, I was trying to understand the basics of quantum physics. Things like probability and possibility, connections between particles, the idea that we are all made from the same elements that have existed for all time. Whether or not time exists and if it does, what is it? That sort of pondering. I just sat up late for a bit and then jotted down the first three or four paragraphs. The first line alludes to the question I was pondering: why things happen at all. From there I simply stuck to the central themes whilst trying to make it an interesting story. I had no idea it would continue in the way it did or that it would end up working. I'm a layman when it comes to understanding the complexities of quantum mechanics but some of the broad ideas are very interesting. I thought it would be nice to see if they could be incorporated into a fictional tale that was interesting but also entertaining. It certainly isn't heavy on the science at all, it's more like these interesting ideas form a backdrop to a tale of four people facing everyday problems.

Who will the novella appeal to?

Potentially anyone. I hope it is a book that will make people ask questions, may be a bit of a puzzle, and doesn't give easy answers. One early reviewer has described it as being like poetry written by a scientist which I like a lot. I'm very grateful to that reviewer for seeing it like that! Having said that, the style is deliberately factual. It's very direct. Another comment made was that there is no padding, no spare words. This is partly because the main character is a research scientist and I wanted to reflect his very direct way of looking at things in the writing. But also because I set out to write something that didn't require embellishment. I wanted to end up with something that the reader could interpret in their own way with as little direction from me as possible.
I hope readers will find it informative, questioning and inspiring. It is overwhelmingly positive in it's outlook without being bland or unrealistic. Another reviewer described it as intriguing, so I hope it is entertaining for anyone who reads it.

What sorts of things do you typically write?

All sorts really. I like to experiment with styles. This one is short, direct, sparse. But I like to change style to fit the story dependent upon the mood I'm trying to create. I like to write stories that ask the reader to work things out, to find the clues and put it all together. Many times the central theme will remain hidden even at the end. If the reader wants to there are enough clues left throughout to make it possible to solve the riddle.

Do you write in your spare time, after work?

I write whenever the inspiration hits, unless I'm at work of course. Four chambers was written on an iPad and an iPhone using the writeroom app. Having a young child means it's just not possible to schedule time in the way most writers would or should. Some parts were written late at night when the boy was awake and I was sitting up with him, others on the train on the way home.

Do you have an office/desk where you write?

No. There isn't the room! I write in bed, in an armchair or when travelling home from work. Often, it's the editing that takes place on the way to or from work but sometimes it's the main writing.
Have you always been interested in writing?

Yes, although it took me some time to realise I wanted to try to write a work to publish. I was in Greece, Corfu, working the summer season in 1999 when I tried for the first time. As a friend of mine said the other day, it only took me 15 years to get there. But like anything, practice is essential!
Any other releases coming up soon?

I have a second book loosely planned which will continue with the themes introduced in Four Chambers. It's not a sequel in the sense of the same characters appearing. The next release will be the paperback version of Four Chambers in November 2014.